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Seminee, barbeque si cosuri de fum

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Semineu clasic din piatra naturala,focar de 12kw, blat din piatra de Baschioi, polite, cupola din caramida refractara, grile de evacuare si admisie aer, montat cu chit si mortar refractar, racord flexibil din inox dublu strat.A doua etapa in construirea semineului.
Vizualizări: 1619 | Dimensiuni: 1200x1600px/142.7Kb
Data: 2011-12-11 | Tag-uri: focar, execut seminee, Semineu clasic | Adăugat de: stoyca_maryus
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Thanks a lot for solving the mystrey of the Greek-sounding names. Until now I thought they were Greeks, either from the northern shore of the Black Sea, Mariupol etc., or sons of the Communist Greeks fleeing to the Soviet Union in 1948 (although I was uncertain whether these latter had to fulfill military service in the SU: here in Hungary they did not).While the small Georgian restaurant was working for about two years in 1995-96 I often visited it both for the pleasant atmosphere and the good food, and usually I was the only guest, I mean the only paying one, because always there were three-four friends of the owners, all women, chatting either in Georgian or Russian. There I also got to know some real Russian ex-officers, an Ukrainian and a Kazakh as well, so the composition of the fort must have been really multinational.

Hehehe! Tu si mami n-aveti timp de prostii. Aveti alte cruruli mai importante de facut si de explorat, nu? Viata abia acum incepe sa aiba gust pentru pitica...

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